Men’ Style


This month, we at March Clothing have chosen to shine the spotlight on to Fawad Khan, as our stylish celebrity of the month.

Dubbed as one of the ‘’most well-groomed Bollywood actors” by GQ India, Fawad Khan has impeccable style. He also happens to be the brand ambassador of Giovani, a renowned men's Italian fashion brand, as well as of the Pakistani label Republic by Omer Farooq.

On dressing up:

In an candid interview with GQ India, Fawad revealed that "…comfort and simplicity are two keys that I follow when it comes to fashion,"

Team March has observed that the suave actor’s style is made up of a few key elements:

- He dresses simple! Fawad swears by the notion that one should always choose to go for the subtle and the comfortable, when given a choice!

- Classics are, well classics! He swears by classic suits and crisp shirts with clean cuts- Nothing like the enduring style of vintage clothing.

- Fittings clothes are most important! Fawad seems to understand the idea that its essential for clothes to fit right. The Bollywood heartthrob knows this better than anyone!

- Groom, groom and groom some more! We believe, Fawad, despite having professional style help, can’t not know a fair bit about personal grooming himself. Nothing could be more off-putting and unstylish as an unkempt man.

- Bold colors are best on a man! He is always one to rise to the occasion and dress sharply in bold colors when required. We doubt his directors would have much to complain about in getting him to don certain outfits. That said, the actor knows when to keep it straight-forward, such as when he donned that dapper black suit with a slim tie and the last Lux style awards. Nothing matches its sophistication and appeal!

Certainly, the suave Fawad Khan is the one to watch for inspiration on how to dress stylishly and with unparalleled elegance.

October 17, 2016 by Faizan Shafi